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Business Plan Elements

Business Plan Introduction Summary

This introduction summary is considered the most important fundamental section of your business plan. It’s important to have a unique way of captivating your readers’ interests.

Importantly, the introduction summary main function is the product and/or services, the team of people behind the business, and the request. Also, the summary should highlight the financial upside, while maintaining the reader to submerge deep into the plan for the details.

Business Plan Company Description

The two most important things people invest in are people and ideas. Your business plan must be clear in regard with your ideas, your products/services, your market and your approach to your market.

The type of company you have is also very important (corporation, partnership, L.L.C, etc). Company organization, ownership, management and eligibility of individuals managing the business is also relevant. This is where your team members in your business are introduced.

A company may have a very unique product or service, however, this can possibly be over looked if you don’t have a strong course of action with your plan.

Business Plan Break Even Projection

The business plan should have a section for readers to see a display of a profit and loss or a break-even analysis chart. This will provide a clear understanding of the financial structure of your business and will explain why this proposal is applicable.

Limitless Business Plan Marketing Image

Business Plan Competitive Analysis

There will need to be a positive solution included in your plan. Remember having competition is a really good thing! What? Really?? Really. Competition is your proof that there is a demand for your product and/or services. Identifying the competition and how they are doing, needs to be included in your business plan.

The business plan must show strength in regard to your competition so that your reader will understand your unique competitive advantages.

Limitless Business Plan Marketing Image

Business Plan Financial Analysis

Any financial sponsors will have an interest in their investment. From their perspective, the character of your business plan is defined by the financial projections which consists of income statements, cash flow statements and balance sheets. These reports must convey two important factors:

1. Your ability for your business to generate enough cash.

2. The ability to repay sponsors and promote your motivation to succeed.

Business Plan Product / Services

It’s essential that your business plan provide a description of the products or services that you offer. This is a great way for your established business to create value because your readers will most likely not be familiar with your offerings.

For a new product to the market place, this is a great opportunity to provide precise detailed description and explain why it is so unique.

Having a differentiating structure of your product or service is important to include in your business plan. Some of these things would be: price, service, training, support, delivery, etc.

Business Plan Marketing / Sales Strategies

Marketing is defined as the total of involved activities in moving of goods from the producer to the consumer. Sales is considered to be transfer of goods or services between parties usually exchanging a payment.

The marketing dialogue section in your business plan demonstrates strategies used to retain interested buyers of your products or services. There will also be a description of strong advertising agenda including radio, print media, social media, special events and word of mouth.

The sales system will illustrate how sales are accomplished, e.g. telephone sales, online sales, sales people, payment and delivery of your products or services. Demonstrating this system will display that your target market is growing and creating opportunity for success for an optimistic track record for investors to review.

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